Equipment For Rent

HyvänTähen Wilderness & Nature Services equipment rental consists of following products:

ProductRental price per half dayRental price per full dayRental price per week
Snowshoes and poles 15 €20 €60 €
Backcountry skis and poles 20 €35 €100 €
Sledge and harness 25 €150 €
Canoe (2 to 3 seater) with equipment 50 €65 €180 €
Touring kayak (single seater) with equipment 40 €55 €160 €
Touring kayak (2-seater) with equipment 55 €65 €190 €
Large canoe (9 persons) with crew230 € / 2 hTo be agreed
Rubber raft (4 to 10 persons) with equipment 230 € / 2 hTo be agreed
Sauna tent 100 €200 €
Tent/Lappish hut 4 persons 40 €100 €
Tent/Lappish hut 6 to 15 persons 100 €200 €
Diving mask (panoramic, snorkeling), wetsuit 30 €40 €100 €
Backpack35 €90 €
Firepit40 €
Muurikka pan for frying fish or making paella, diameter 100 cm + gas bottle, price includes transportation within reasonable distance100 €To be agreed

All prices incl. VAT 24%.

The rented products can be picked up at an agreed location or delivered to the Häyrylänranta Harbour in Konnevesi or to Hirvaskangas in Äänekoski at a transport charge of € 70.

The renter agrees to return the rental equipment in the same condition they were upon reception and, if necessary, agrees to compensate any damages caused to the equipment while in renter’s possession.

The equipment will be inspected upon reception and return. The rental equipment will be billed in advance (invoice by email) or paid with a credit card or with cash upon reception. We use an iZettle POS terminal.

Normal wear & tear of the equipment is acceptable and included in the price, but if the equipment is damaged beyond the scope of what is considered normal wear & tear, a compensation of going rate to cover the damages will be required.

Yöpymisvälineet retkelle.
Camping gear for staying outdoors overnight. Examples of rented gear (camp stove, tent, sleeping bag, etc.). Photo: Heli Hyttinen.

Terms of rental and cancellation policy